Shake-up Call for FAIR computers

Students in Europe are highly critical of the purchasing policies of universities of research and universities of applied sciences. They are demanding that ICT is purchased sustainably and fairly by the institutions at which they are studying. They are campaigning against the poor working conditions in the electronics industry in low-wage countries. Students from all

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makeITfair campaign is calling on young people across Europe to help improve the lives of workers in the developing world who make our electronic dreams come true. Go to Recommended ReadingUden duurzaamQ-Promotions staat voor Maatschappelijk Verantwoord OndernemenMaatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen: geen trend maar must!

Co-creating social enterprises in 2D

Did you know that you and I are part of a complex society? And that the things you and I do, the decisions we collectively make, determine how this society functions? Quiet obvious isn’t it? But, if we have this power, do we make the right decisions? Some developments make us wonder.. Recommended ReadingUden duurzaamQ-Promotions

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